Our-team-1219Our journeymen electricians are highly trained in the most current NEC (National Electric Code), NFPA 70E; Standard for Electrical Safety in the Workplace ®, and are up to speed with today’s ever-changing technological trends.  Each one has been hand-picked, and brings with them an abundance of knowledge and experience into each project.  All of our journeymen are licensed with the State of Oregon, which has one of the highest standards of any state in the nation.  They are required to regularly attend continuing education classes to ensure that they are always operating within the most current standards, and some have also completed additional specialized training within our industry.

Our apprentices receive the highest quality training while enrolled in the Area 1 Inside Electrical JATC through the Northwest Institute of Electrical Technology.  The program consists of at least four years (8,000 hours minimum) of on-the-job work experience in addition to attending a minimum of 576 classroom hours.  Apprentices are monitored closely by our experienced journeyman, and learn firsthand the skills and knowledge necessary to becoming a successful electrician.